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STEMME#4 Marie Kølbæk Iversen: Io/I Opening December 5th, 4-7PM, open December 6-13th The exhibition, with text by writer Ida Marie Hede, is open Saturday-Sunday 2-5PM and Tuesday-Friday 4-7PM With text by Ida Marie Hede STEMME#6 Laboratory for Aesthetics and Ecology: … (read more)


November 14th-22nd: STEMME#2: Kirsten Justesen: IMPRINTS Open Saturday-Sunday 13-17 Tuesday-Friday 14-18

Body Screeners

  The event Body Screeners brings together artists working within themes such as technology, narratives, sci-fi and science in relation to the body. A ‘body screener’ is the name for a person who operates a human body scanner. The operator may see … (read more)