STEMME#2: Kirsten Justesen: IMPRINTS

The struggle to have and own a body, to be more than simply an object to be painted, touched and appraised, has been one of the centrale fights in the history of women’s liberation. The series IMPRINT, 1996-97, and Monumental Video Position for Plint, Body, Tea Pot, Grapefruit and Alphabet, 1991, by Kirsten Justesen, one of Danish feminist art’s most important, voices discusses the conventions of classical sculpture and reaches towards the gestures of performance art. Wavering between the objectified female body and the gesturing female subject, IMPRITNS activates histories of female struggle and body art and of inequality and eruption.

13. – 22. November 2015

STEMMER is a research series celebrating the centennial for the constitutional change in 1915, in which women and other marginalized people were given the right to vote. STEMMER asks one question: Until 1915 women were politically marginalized bodies and voices. What does that mean today? Through a range of different exhibitions, readings, performances and events the project seeks to map and discuss feminist strategies today, 100 years later.

STEMMER is kindly supported by the Danish Arts Council and the Copenhagen Visual Arts Council.