Diversity Maker

Eric Nathan Landon

17 September - 26 October 2008

Closing reception 25/10, 5-8 pm

Landon administers his system Tues.-Fri. 10:00-16:30, Saturday 11:00- 14:00

Press Release

Over 6 weeks, NLHspace will host the completion of Diversity Maker, a project by Eric Landon (US). Landon´s project uses form to challenge today´s conceptions around the ideas of diversity and choice, and the role technicism may play in this. Does a modern preoccupation with choice abundance bring about substance, or pure exercises in fabrication and perception?
Diversity Maker utilizes a system developed by Landon that allows him to digitally realize a vast and visually diverse series of organic forms from a single hand-made object. These nonphysical manifestations of a physical thing are documented and displayed as printed images, which Landon invites the public to view and even purchase.
Since the projects start in the spring of this year, more than 150 forms have been produced and it is expected that far greater than 200 will be completed by the time this project draws to its close.
Landon, a graduate from Danmarks Designskole, has in the past concerned himself primarily with the relationship between objects and social practice, an essential design conceit. He examines the humanity of different forms of production, through comprehensive serial productions of his own. One past work involved the production of 10,000 unique hand-made objects over 2 months. Diversity Maker is made in the same spirit.
As past exhibitions at NLHspace, Diversity Maker can be witnessed from the street during all hours of the day and night. The doors will be open Tues.-Fri. 10:00-16:30, Saturday 11:00- 14:00, where one can witness Landon administer his system.