Odun Orimolade

27 April, 5 pm

NLHspace is very happy to invite you to a participatory performance by artist Odun Orimolade from Lagos, Nigeria.

In navigating issues related to a forgotten space, the space of the womb, one is confronted with a myriad of effects and plausibility of the lost events in memory and machinations by the propaganda of history on our orientations and behavioral tendencies. Fetal memory becomes a discourse of import. This is through its investigation generated by science and the world of myths and fables that back it up through different stories from memories of others through generations and cultures. In affecting this apprehension spreads in a plethora of channels that presents different types of memories to transport the individual to this space of knowledge that is lacking memory. TRANSMISSION 1 is a process in triggering an activation of an already existing but unaware memory line.

If you want to be sure to take part in TRANSMISSION 1 please send an email to and make reservations

TRANSMISSION 1 is a part of and CoLab Editions’ project concerning performance art, remembrance and the writing of history.